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14 - Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten is CEO and co-founder of Muse - the brain sensing headband which is used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Bloomberg describes her "an innovator who completely remakes reality".  She is featured in over 1000 articles and TV spots including Fortune, NBC, CBS, CNET, Business Inside (50 sexiest scientists!), Times India, Huffington Post, GQ, Tim Ferris, Popular Science, New York Times, and multiple times on CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Tech Crunch.  She has a TED Talk called "Know Thy Self, With A Brain Scanner" and even does her own podcast about mindfulness and meditation called "Untangle".  

Ariel chats with Pete about the technology and science behind Muse, the application of meditation in a clinical context and how Aussies really really like meditation.

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13 - Rafic Habib

Rafic Habib is the CEO and co-founder of Clinic To Cloud, a cloud based practice management system that is striving to optimise Medica Practices and enabling better patient engagement. We talk about the adoption of cloud by the industry, and his team's approach to solving big problems in healthcare.

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