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08 - Tess Van De Rijt

Tess Van De Rijt is CEO and Founder of Patient Connector,  and is solving the complexities facing patients when being referred to a specialist doctor.  

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07 - Dr Ganesh Naidoo

Dr Ganesh Naidoo is Medical Director of the Healius brand Health & Co, and has seen primary care from many perspectives - from within a clinic he started himself, to within the biggest of Healthcare corporates in Australia.  Ganesh talks with Pete about the opportunities and challenges facing primary healthcare today and in the future.

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06 - Dr Todd Cameron

Dr Todd Cameron: GP, Clinic Owner, Health Executive, Mentor, Speaker and White Board & Stationery Connoisseur.  He joins Pete for a wide ranging conversation about the changing dynamics of healthcare and technology for the GP of today, and tomorrow.

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